Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it you are able to offer more money?

We reinvented the business focusing on reducing costs, streamlining operations and using those saving to make you an exceptionally good offer.  We have a “take-it-or-leave-it” philosophy. If you like it great. Let’s get to work. If not, that’s fine, but there is no better offer coming, from us or anybody else.  So…take it while it’s here!

How do I know I'll get the lease rent back after the 20 years? What if you go out of business?

We have a contract. The contract recognizes that we paid you upfront and gives us the right for the specific period of time – 15 years, 20 years, 25 years. At the end of the period, as per the contract, our rights terminate and the rent goes back to you. It’s written in the contract.

If I change my mind and want the rent back can I do that?

No, our business is based on simplicity. We give you the capital and you can do what you want with it. We collect the rent.
But if you’re thinking about wanting the rent back I would recommend the shorter deal.

Why wasn't this offered before by other people?

Other companies viewed these assets as long term real-estate assets based on growth of the cell tower industry.
The growth in cell towers has slowed almost to a halt. Now, everything is about small cells, not towers. They are attached to light posts and sides of buildings. They are much smaller and the rent is much, much smaller. As little as $200 a year!!   So cell sites are now a lot less valuable.  Which is why you’re not getting the calls you were getting.  We view these as financeable rent streams. And we changed the way we run the business. We adapted to the changes in the industry so as to be able to offer you even better value.

How does the advance work exactly? Is it a loan? Do I have loan risk?

You do not have loan risk.  We advance the money to you upfront, and retain the right to correct the rent for a specific period of time

What if the tenant leaves, do I have to pay you back the money?

No. We assume that risk. We have thousands of these so the risk is spread over a whole portfolio. It might be a more painful loss for you. This is one of the reasons you should consider doing this deal.

Do you take a lien on my property?

Yes, we take an easement on the property. This protects our right to receive the rent. The easement terminates at the end of the period and all our rights disappear.

What happens if new tenants come onto the site? Do I get that rent?

For the term of our easement, we collect all additional rent, just as we lose any rent that goes away. We absorb the risk and any new rent helps counter that risk.